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Leanna Goldenberg

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Room 19

 Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Mrs. Goldenberg.  I have been teaching at Bracher Elem. for 15 years now.  I have taught in both 2nd grade and my current position in 5th grade.  I believe in hard work and I have high expectations of my students.  I’m active in our school and have strong beliefs that we should all take a part in making school a special place.      Our curriculum is California Standards based.      This year I will be focusing my Language Arts teaching on a highly effective framework by Fountas Pinnell, based on their book, Guiding Readers and Writers and the NY Teachers College.  This is a more integrated approach which will make content fun to learn.  Also, by having all subjects consolidated, classroom management will be simplified. Writing organization will be based on Step Up to Writing, by Auman. This should be an exciting year with many fun and interesting activities.  I expect students to be engaged in and responsible for their learning.  We will do a lot of reading this year and experience a large variety of language genres. Parents can be very helpful.  Parents should take an active roll in what their children learn. Read a variety of things with your child.  Everything from newspapers to cereal boxes.  Discuss as a family the things that are happening at school and the world.      Our math series is published by Scott Forsman. We do a lesson each day and send home a page which reminds students what they learned that day so they will be successful at home.  Fifth grade math is no easy task.  Please review homework every night to encourage rather than frustrate students.  Throughout the year we will supplement learning with an appropriate Dale Seymour lesson.  This allows for some fun and concrete learning.    Our Social Studies and Science programs are integrated into daily lessons throughout the language arts and math curriculum. We have developed lessons which “compact” the curriculum in the content areas.  That means that all students have the opportunity to take the end of unit test at the beginning.  If they pass with an appropriate grade, they have an alternate “choice” activity which they complete independently then present their learning to the class.  Otherwise the content is presented in a more traditional fashion.      We would certainly enjoy having class visitors.  To visit our class please make arrangements by email or call Bracher School directly.

Technology Liaison & Student Council Staff Rep.

Leanna Goldenberg