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STEM at Bracher

Students playing with goey substance
Are you crazy for Science? Technology? Engineering? Math? Join us for some fun!

Bracher offers a FREE, After School STEM Program, available to students in 2nd grade and up.  The flyer and application form for 2nd to 5th grade students interested in joining our STEM Program are sent home in September and are due in early October. Copies are sent home in the Wednesday folder. In addition extra copies are always available in the Office. Interested students need to submit their applications by the deadline. 

Selection Criteria:

  1. Teacher and/or Principal's recommendation
  2. Grade level of student
  3. Popularity of selections
  4. Parent / guardian volunteer (if a parent/guardian volunteers at every meeting of a given session, their child would receive priority to participate in that session.  A maximum of 3 volunteers are needed per session, and preference is always given to the upper grade levels.

This is a popular program and space is limited!