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Principal's Message

Wayne Leach, Principal




I have been asked many times, Mr. Leach, “What can I do to help my child do better in school?’ My answer is always the same. There are two critical things that can help all children do better in school.
First, children need to do the work daily and turn it in on time. Second, children need to read every day.

All of us, children or adults learn more by doing. Whether it is working through math problems or writing an essay, we need to practice. As an adult we practice our hobbies or at work until we are experts. The same goes for students at school we need lots of practice. Doing the work, talking to friend and family about the work they are doing in school, and explaining to others how they did the work are all important life skills.

Reading is the key to gaining a larger vocabulary and more knowledge. Reading lets us learn new things or takes us to new places. Children need to read every day, start their day by reading the back of the cereal box to figure out how to get the toy or prize on the back. They can read the newspaper to learn about current events or the comics to laugh. Reading comic books about their favorite super hero or reading gaming magazines to learn the cheat codes or how to find their way through a game are all ways we read to learn. Parents can model reading when they use a cookbook or technical journal from work. Reading is the most important skill a child needs to have. It is something they should do every day. Reading: it can be to yourself, a family member, it might be listening to a book on tape or having an adult take the time to read a story are all good practices. Read to learn, to find something funny or to be inspired. Just...


Read Every Day!