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Meeting Dates

School Site Council

The School Site Council is an opportunity to join a team dedicated to providing strategic oversight to the school, making sure our work is effective and innovative, and that it delivers on its mission to provide a rigorous academic program with a focused approach.

We welcome nominations from committed and enthusiastic parents who believe that working together is the best investment for success! 

We are made up of parents and staff (the majority being classroom teachers).  

The SSC meets quarterly, usually in the afternoon. The time is set by the president who works with the principal to finalize the agenda.   Sometimes a couple of meetings are added as needed.   


Pursuant to California Education Code (EC) Section 52855 and EC 64001 a schoolsite council (SSC) is to develop, annually review and updates the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA). The SSC must recommend the SPSA to the local governing board for approval. Thus the role of the SSC is crucial to the success of the categorical programs a school may have. To learn more please visit the CA Department of Education link.